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About Us

Creative Childcare Inc has been building children's futures a child care provider since 1970. Early in life, children develop their intellect and little personalities. Social and medical researchers alike agree that children, aged one years to six, learn more than any other time in their life. National studies indicate that highly qualified child caregivers and programs play a vital role in cultivating a child's future during these important early years.

The primary goal of Creative Childcare Inc is to provide your child with rich experiences that will help him or her develop positivity and self-worth in themselves. We also want to satiate your child's creative, physical, social and emotional needs with activities like:

  • Literacy activities
  • Curriculum play
  • Family breakfasts and lunches
  • Nap time
  • Group activities

At Creative Childcare Inc, we combine our efforts with those of the parents to ensure that a child's formative years progress into a lifelong love for learning and a thirst for knowledge. We make sure to prepare parents and to support them in instilling their child's productivity and responsibility long into adulthood.

Our Open Door Policy

We have an open-door policy for parents to join us and observe their children in our center on a planned or unplanned visit. We share responsibility in developing young minds, health and personalities with our parents. You can expect Creative Childcare Inc to have access to:

  • Our open-door policy that allows you to visit any time without notice.
  • Regular interaction with your child's caregiver
  • Teacher conferences and open houses
  • Announcements and circulars about our activities
  • Parent-caregiver team work to ensure the proper care of your child
  • Input from qualified staff members on your child's development

Our Reputation

Creative Childcare Inc is a locally-owned child care center that cares about the individual. We never overcrowd our classrooms so that we can carefully monitor and keep track of each child's progress. Quiet play and solitary and group activities are all part of the daily routine that keep the children's minds active and bodies moving. Planning and consistency help to make a child feel secure. Their minds as well as their muscles need to be exercised in programs that will developmentally stimulate them.

All of our childcare workers go through thorough background checks, including finger prints. We ensure the proper care of your children. Some of our centers even have a direct school bus pick-up, but you will need to call you center directly to see if it is available to your area. We accept Publicly Funded Child Care (formerly Title XX). We also have a meal program that includes breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.

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